Groups page 

Groups page overview

On the Groups page you can create the assignment of features to feature groups. The feature groups will help you to group the features per category, to better organize your data-sheet for 'readers'. For instance, a "picture quality" group can contain all the features related to picture quality -- e.g., features like "maximum resolution", "data compression", "image quality".
You are able to import and export language translations in this tab for features, feature groups, measures, sectors etc. When you want to restrict such an export to certain languages, you can make a selection before the export. The import file structure should be the same as the export one.

The list of the available data for export is located on the left side of the page and the available languages are on the right side.
Please, note: English should always be chosen, as far as it is used as international/default language in case if there is no proper translation available.
Enter your email address into the E-mail field to export the results.
To import data, enter in the Import file field the correct filename and perform the import into the Icecat PIM.

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