Welcome to the IcecatPIM User Guide
The Icecat Product Information Management (PIM) system is designed to manage very large multilingual databases of product data-sheets, and is distributed as an open source. It is developed in Perl/MySQL.
PIM systems are also often called PDM (Product Data Management) systems or CMSs (catalog management systems, not to be confused with content management systems that manage mainly websites).
The development of the IcecatPIM started in 2001 to fulfill the needs of the Icecat.biz team to develop an editor environment, to create, import, standardize and export millions of XML product data-sheets. A product data-sheet typically contains marketing texts, product images, product specifications, product videos, product index data (GTIN/EAN/UPC, manufacturer part numbers, categories) and PDFs of leaflets or manuals.
Gradually, http://www.icecat.biz has become the worldwide market standard in IT, Telecom, Office supplies and Consumer Electronics, especially because of its Open Catalog approach in which a very large part of its database is distributed as open content (under the Open Content License Agreement - OPL). The top tech manufacturers sponsor Open Icecat. It is a small step from free open content towards free open source. We developed in the same group of companies the open source web trader shop, http://www.batavi.org/ , that is also seamlessly integrated with the (Open ) Icecat XML catalog, and is developed in PhP/MySQL.
The 2.0 version of the IcecatPIM is a light version of the Icecat editor backoffice. As it has the same data model, it is very helpful for creating a data hub in which the Icecat XML data can be imported and re-used in other applications using SQL statements.
We invite you to review the topics in this user guide with the hopes that it answers all your questions. Use the expanding menus on the left to find and select the topic you're looking for.
Make sure that you register online (free) at icecat.biz in order to make use of the live interface to Open Icecat.
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