Users Page 

Users page overview

With the Users interface you can manage the Icecat PIM users.
A user can belong to one of the following user groups: User, superuser, partner, editor, supereditor, supplier, guest, shop, category manager, etc.
On the User details interface you can fill in the details for every user, and assign it to a group, add the logo (for the group "partner" only), and add/delete IP restrictions for external users.
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Adding/deleting a new user

Click on any user and you can edit/delete details, permissions for this user. Also, you can delete this user on this page as well.
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You can set up the user permissions to access certain language repositories from a download (publishing) location.

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Sending Newsletters
Also the Users interface allows sending newsletters. It permits to send a newsletter to a specific user group or to specified email addresses.

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